by Deanne F. Purcell

A young man, Jesse Keith Whitley, came from Sandy Hook, Kentucky with guitar, song and voice blending so well together that the world took more notice of Bluegrass/Straight-Ahead Country music, and his love of it, and brought him recognition. People wanted to sing along with him, and listen to him as well. He made you feel strong emotion, and your ears wanted to know more and hear as much as you could.

All of the love that he received couldn't prevent his death in his early thirties in 1989. Fortunately for us, his music has been recorded and heard, whether you lived in his lifetime or not.

He is still remembered on May 9th, the anniversary of his passing. The music he sang was both tragic and romantically moving; he reached out in life and continues to do so even in death, through his music.

We miss you, Keith, forever and always.

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by Deanne F. Purcell

On December 12, 1961, a future star appeared on the Irish horizon and the O'Donnell family now had their fifth and final child, Daniel Francis Noel O'Donnell. With his coming, the sun shone more brightly on the county of Donegal, in Ireland.

When he was six years old, Daniel's father died. From then on, his mother was both mother and father to Daniel, never remarrying.

Daniel possessed handsome features, smile and great personality, and an incredible tenor singing voice, along with a generosity that knows no bounds. The more you love him, the greater his talent becomes. He lights up the world, not only in Ireland and England, but internationally.

Although I was not born in Ireland, I am Irish through descent, and feel a great kinship with Daniel. Seeing him on television for the first time, I felt as if I had always known him and he has had a profound lasting impression on me.

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