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Precious Moments in Time


Deanne F. Purcell
Length of Hours and Day
I have become accustomed with retirement and my current home — the name of where I live, address, phone number, area code, zip code, town and county. It is now familiar to me, considering the fact that I once thought I could neither adjust nor bear with it.

The scenery is beautiful in the lower Hudson Valley, and the people whom I have met and who have helped me exist and to meet the challenges that threatened to overwhelm me, are now so much a part of my life.

I still resemble myself, except that I am older and wiser, and more focused. Perhaps I have changed from the person that I once was, for the better, and not the worse.
The motto for my father's surname is "I conquer or perish."

The motto for my mother's surname is "One with the strength of a bear."

Having been through both good and bad in my life, I have found in each case, this to be true.
Showers of Love
The sky opened and down came the showers of love — red hearts, pink hearts, and red and white and pink carnations and their beautiful scent adorned my room, sent to me from someone, with love.

He cannot be here in person, only in the memories of the sound of his voice and the feel of his arms around me. We cannot physically touch, but his eyes still look down from our photo together, and from Heaven.

Someday we shall meet again. Only the Lord knows when. I wait as my love waits. Ours was true love, unlike anything that we had ever experienced in our lives.

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Deanne F. Purcell

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