(Mini Essay)
The Facts of Life


Donna Rose Burke


I read in a local paper that a man lived to be 107 years old eating a banana a day. Think to what age we women would live. Our life expectancy is 115 years without eating a banana a day.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That's great for the apple growers, but what about the poor Doctor?


When Joe and I spent his two weeks vacation in Florida, we crossed the Florida state line. A hospitality facility there welcomed you verbally and gave you a glass of cold orange juice. What a treat for two tired and thirsty travelers.


During WWII, my brother was in The Fighting 69th in Hawaii. The men in his unit would go into the farms and take a pineapple, peel it, carve it into slices, and enjoy its cooling flavor.


The men in my brother's unit would also climb the palm tree and take a coconut, climb down, cut the coconut in half, share the milk from it, then cut the coconut into pieces for their afternoon treat.

Water and other fruit juices are also good for you.

If all of the above fail to keep you healthy, try Prune Juice. That's bound to settle your problem PDQ Pretty Darn Quick.

Mini Essay
Copyright 2014
by Donna Rose Burke
aka Dorothy R. Brown

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