What If?
(Blueprint to Peace)

by Paula Freda

"Peace, Fulfillment, Selfworth" - wonder of wonders if there were a blueprint to these three. If we could find the common denominator, the single thread that weaves through each pattern of life, through each animate, as well as inanimate existence.

What If: One morning we woke to the knowledge that each individual is a part of the earth. We all breathe the same air, live under the same sky that covers the earth, have the same bodily functions, depend on the same main ingredients of life, though varied they be.

What If: One morning we woke to the knowledge that each beast, each insect, each blade of grass, is part of this earth we inhabit.

What If: One morning we woke to the knowledge that the earth along with the planets and the sun in our galaxy share the same star-studded space, the same universe.

What If: One morning we woke to the knowledge that the words "alien" and "specie" were no longer part of language, that each being, each creature, each grain of sand, each puff of smoke, each element, each molecule, each minutest amount of gaseous matter, each galaxy, be it flat, a platform, spiral or concentric, round like the planets, or a cubicle, with finite borders, or infinite, without end, was all a part of the universe, all sharing the same common denominator, the same thread of existence. Would race bias stand a chance? Would war have meaning, if we declared war on ourselves?

The common denominator, the thread that weaves through each pattern of existence, whether animate or inanimate. Belonging - All belongs - is a part - is joined - is the same - the universal truth - we cannot harm another without harming ourselves.

What If: We woke to the realization that all desires, all needs, all intellect, palls before this simple truth -- that we are all one.

What If: we woke one morning to the knowledge that Peace was at last ours, that war, mayhem and murder were obsolete, that all creation now knew its true purpose, to care for itself - all of itself, that each of us holds the Blueprint to Peace in our hearts, that the solution to universal harmony resides in these simple two words - What If?

For every word there is a counter-word, but what if every argument that could be posed against this simple truth were self-extinguished, with the words: Peace on Earth and Good Will.

by Paula Freda

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