Dear Writers and Readers:

For fourteen years I published my small press, The Pink Chameleon, as a printed magazine, 12 issues in all. In 1999, due to health and financial problems, I was forced to place my labor of love on hiatus. Since that time I have been learning to use a computer, and with the aid of my youngest son, a computer wiz, I have resuscitated my magazine as an online small press (e-zine). Online publishing eliminates retyping manuscripts, laying out flats, xeroxing, binding, collating, and mailing (all of which of I did myself from 1985 to 1999). I am now learning html editing as I add to the site, as you can see. My aim is to continue building a site you will enjoy browsing through, with interesting stories, sensitive poetry, informative articles, helpful advice, art and banner, and market recommendations.

If you have read the guidelines and the magazine's description, and you have work that you feel fits the style of The Pink Chameleon, I would be happy to consider it for inclusion on this web site during my reading periods stated in my guidelines.

Also, especially if you are a novice in the art of writing, think of The Pink Chameleon as a stepping stone, or a rung on your success ladder, towards eventual sales of your works to paying markets. Remember that I edit and will give you comments as to my opinion of your work. I do have years of experience, and for nine years I coordinated two writers clubs in two of my hometown's local libraries. I also have had over 50 works (stories, poetry, articles) published in small presses, and my hometown local newspaper. On line I've published in Peridot Books, The Romantic Bower, Alternate Realities Zine, and taught an online class at Mystic Visions Online. Recently, three of my novels were published (Thanks be to the Good Lord - a dream come true). Although I am certainly not all knowing, I can, and will be happy to, give you some helpful advice to improve your manuscripts where necessary. This is my way of reaching out and helping others, fulfilling myself, and serving our Blessed Lord in Heaven.

I take only one-time online publication rights, with all rights reverting to the individual author one year after publication online. After the year, some work is archived, but upon the author's or artist's request, will be immediately removed.

Keep me in your prayers, that the Good Lord will help me to keep this site alive and filled with good reading. I will end this editorial with the same message with which I ended my previous editorials in my printed magazines, the message The Pink Chameleon carries - HOPE, for Hope is the child of Faith, and Faith the worker of miracles. And walking beside these two is Charity, holding the hands of its children - Understanding and Empathy.



by Paula Freda

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