Rare moments in time, upbeat stories, touching emotional pieces, short stories (limit 2500 words, less is better), poetry (maximum 36 lines), short anecdotes, articles, words of wisdom, any genre as long as the material submitted is in good taste (family oriented)and gives hope for the future, even in sadness.

Please, NO political references or full proper names. Any related photos or non-fiction full name references that include anyone else other than the author him or herself, I will need release forms from those persons mentioned in the submissions.

Only up to one-year electronic publication rights taken. All rights revert to authors one year after publication online. If for any reason publication does not take place at the specified time, then all rights immediately revert to authors.

At the end of the year some work may be archived. However, upon request by the author or artist, it will immediately be removed.

As editor I reserve the right to edit for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, flow, clarity, omit redundancy, and any words or material I consider in bad taste. No pornography, no violence for the sake of violence, no curse words. Remember this is a Family Oriented Electronic Magazine.


From February 1st to March 31st
September 1st to October 31st.

The Pink Chameleon is a labor of love, so there is no payment, albeit, especially for beginners, a chance to showcase your work and add a notch to your list of credits.

Only E-mail submissions considered. NO ATTACHMENTS, PLEASE. Include submission in body of e-mail itself.

NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS (the same work sent to various publishers).

Send to
I reply within the month; holidays, add a couple of weeks.

ALWAYS KEEP A TYPED HARD COPY, BACK-UP FILE OR DISC OF YOUR WORK. Mail can go astray. And I'm human, I can accidentally delete or lose the submission.

Thank you for reading my guidelines. Wishing you all the best, and God's blessings and peace of mind and spirit.