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Stolen Women, Captured Hearts


Stolen Women, Captured Hearts
Reviewed by Paula Freda: (November 2000)

I was fortunate to view "Stolen Women, Captured Hearts," starring Janine Turner and Michael Greyeyes. (This movie is repeated on television from time to time and is available on video.) I highly recommend it. It is well-acted, emotionally inspiring, touching and sensitive. This story, based on a true account about a Lakota warrior and his love for a young white woman that began with a vision in his childhood, reaffirmed my belief that soulmates will find each other, no matter the circumstances. The story was told simply, yet beautifully, from both sides; Mr. Richard Fielder, the writer, did not take sides, but showed the events from the viewpoint of both the Indians and the white women. He left any decisions as to right or wrong, to the audience. This type of movie is refreshing as compared to the stereotyped movies, plots and endings of the 1940s through the 1960s. It was a pleasure watching the actors. They suspended my present reality and I was lost in the past, my fingers crossed as to the outcome. Thank you to all those who had a hand in this fine production. I give it a full 10. It also stars to name a few, Jean Louisa Kelly, Patrick Bergin, William Shockley, and Dennis Weaver.

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(The Friendly Ghost)

Amblin Entertainment
executive producers

Steven Spielberg, Gerald R. Molen & Jeffrey A. Montgomery

Bill Pullman, Christina Ricci, Cathy Moriarty

Color (1 hour 41 mins.)

A young adult member of The Pink Chameleon, Lillian Manachino, wrote this retelling of the movie (no infringement on copyrights intended).

She titled it "The Friendly Ghost Named Casper."

It was a dark, quiet night, and at the big old house up the street, Casper the ghost had just finished doing the chores of his ghostly brothers, Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso. Every night at 7:30 p.m., Casper had to do these chores to keep his brothers from badgering him.

This went on for many years, as no one in their right mind wanted to live in a haunted house filled with ghosts until one day a girl named Kat, and her dad, moved into the house. They did not know it was haunted.

That morning as Kat climbed the long curved staircase, she noticed something white on the steps. Thinking it was merely a play of light from the windows, she ignored it.

Kat had just finished unpacking her clothes when she noticed the white spot again, this time on the closet door. Her father's call to come down to eat dinner interrupted any further examination of the white spot.

She said nothing about it to her father during dinner, still believing it to be merely a play of light from the windows. When she returned to her room and looked at the closet door again, the spot was gone. A gust of wind rustled through her hair, and someone or something whispered, "Kat."

Alarmed, Kat turned. Her knees shook and almost buckled under her as the white spot acquired two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and greeted her with a "Hi!"

Kat screamed. Casper screamed.

Grabbing her purse, Kat ran out of her room and down the stairs, still screaming, for she had never seen a ghost before.

Having heard her screams, her Dad met her half way up the stairs. Kat told him what she had seen. Somewhat disbelieving, her father told her to stay calm, and together, hand in hand, they went upstairs to her room to investigate.

As they entered the bedroom, Casper, standing by the bed, waved to them and gave them his biggest smile, whereupon Kat's father's returned the greeting, realized he had just smiled at a ghost, and fainted.

When he regained consciousness, Kat and the ghost were in the middle of a conversation. After a few moments of gathering his wits, he joined in the conversation.

A short time later, a huge gust of wind came through the window followed by eerie laughs. Casper knew who it was and hid Kat and her Dad before his brothers reached the house.

As Stinkie and Fatso flew into the house they smelled "human." Fatso and Stretch gave Stinkie a disgusted look, thinking at first that Stinkie was responsible for the odor. Stinkie shook his head vehemently, then the ghostly trio realized the smell was definitely "human," and they turned to Casper.

The gig was up for Casper. He knew they knew what he was hiding. The three pushed him aside and followed the human scent to the closet. Inside, they found Kat and her Dad.

Pretending friendship, they wined and dined the humans until Kat's father became drunk, fell out a window, died, and became a ghost.

Casper took Kat's hand as she cried, comforting her, and told her about a machine his father had invented many years ago that could bring her father back as a human. Casper called it the "Hugo" machine. It was located under the house, in a secret laboratory below the basement.

Casper and Kat returned her father to normal.

For the next few days everyone got along. Then one day, Kat was assigned by her school to give a Halloween Party at her house, in the giant hallway. Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso heard about this and began making plans to spook the party. At the same time, two preps of Kat's class, a boy and a girl, made plans of their own to spook the party. They were catty friends who did not particularly like Kat and were jealous that she had been chosen to give the party.

The day of the Halloween Party came, but Kat found she had no costume to wear. Casper remembered he had his mother's wedding dress. He gave it to Kat to wear.

At first Kat refused the dress because it was his Mom's and she did not want to risk anything happening to it. But Casper convinced her, for his mother had been a ghost herself for a long time.

The Party started and everyone began to dance. Casper watched Kat dance with a boy and wished with all his ghostly heart that he could be human again so that he could dance with Kat. He felt a soft breeze and turned around. Kat's mother had died a few years earlier. But now she stood in front of Casper, surrounded by a beautiful light.

"I heard your wish and I've come to grant it," she said.

Casper was overjoyed, despite her enjoinder that he would be allowed to stay in human form only until midnight.

The human Casper was quite handsome and about the same age as Kat. Although his features were now flesh and blood, Kat recognized him immediately by his large, expressive eyes and the warm friendly look in them. She quickly accepted his request to dance.

As the two slowly danced, Kat's father's gaze settled upon the figure of his wife upstairs on the landing. Hardly believing his eyes, he rushed up the stairs. Tears filled his eyes as for a few moments he was reunited with his beloved spouse.

Below them, Casper and Kat continued to dance. The two preps under the shroud entered the house and began scaring everyone. But the two themselves were scared stiff when they saw Casper and Kat floating upward as they danced. By the time the tape had finished playing, Casper and Kat found themselves alone in the great hallway. Everyone had fled.

Just then the old grandfather clock struck midnight. Casper changed back into a ghost. Kat's mother said goodbye to her husband, reassuring him that one day they would all be together again.

All returned to normal, at least normal for a big old house, Kat and her Dad, Stretch, Stinkie, Fatso, and Casper, the friendly ghost.

The End

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