Veronica M. Hay, Publisher of this extraordinary biography, writes: "...I urge you to buy this book not only because the money from your purchase will directly help these extraordinary people, but also because reading this book will touch your life in a most profound way and perhaps bring us all a little closer on this journey of love."

" Promise me you won't leave me, will you, Mommy? "
" Of course not, I would never leave you, darling. I promise. And a promise is a promise. "

These were the last words exchanged between Kaye O'Bara and her 16 year-old daughter, Edwarda, before the vivacious young girl fell into a diabetic coma on January 3, 1970.

Kaye O'Bara has kept her promise to her daughter. The dedicated parent, now in her seventies, has kept her daughter home, against all odds and obstacles, both financial and physical, sleeping in a narrow reclining chair beside her daughter's bed, feeding her every two hours, giving her insulin every four hours without fail, and caring for her every need, since the onset of the coma.

This upbeat, inspiring story is filled with courage, love and miracles. Barely 90 pages, it is an inspirational journey well worth taking. I highly recommend this book.

"A Promise is a Promise"
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
with Marcelene Dyer

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The Seriously Brave
Kid with Big Ears

Samantha Landon
Oscar, the Seriously Brave Kid with Big Ears is a children's graphic novel. Oscar, a large eared 4th grader, goes on an extraordinary adventure as he befriends a ghost along with other night-time creatures and battles to fight off evil. All the while discovering his own bravery and true friendship.
Published May 7, 2010
Standard Portrait
40 pages (Color)
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Ebooks and Hardcover books
by Ruth Ann Nordin

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Ruth Ann Nordin



A Trilogy of Adventure and Love
by Paula Freda

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Novels, Novellas, Short Story Collections
Adventure/Romance, Mystery, Inspirational, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Fiction and Non-Fiction
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Collected Stories, Volume I
by Martin Green

53 short stories, 315 pages, paperback, covering the span of a life from childhood to middle age, depicting experiences all will recognize. Available online at


Red, White and Blue

a very patriotic poetry book by poet and author, Celine Rose Mariotti. The poems in this book are all about America. They tell the story of our flag, Old Glory. The poems pay homage to all the Veterans and soldiers who have fought and died for our country from every war. Included are poems Celine wrote about her Dad and her Uncle who were both Veterans. Poems in the book are about World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the current Gulf War. Poems in my book honor the immigrants who have come here. The poems honor the many Presidents we have had as well as some of the outstanding members of Congress we have had over the years. They also pay honor to the policemen, the firemen and the paramedics. The last poem in the book is all about 9/11. If you are a patriot and one who loves America with all your heart, this is a book for you. God Bless America!!!

Price of book is: $11.00 plus CT sales tax of 6.35% which =.70 Total=$11.70




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Celine Rose Mariotti
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PublishAmerica recently published Lanette Kissel's fantasy romance novella entitled The Legendary Necklace of Andulaysia. To learn about this book and more of her work. Available through


a novel by E.L. McNair
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Blurb on jacket back: "Into every life, a little rain must fall. For Sharra Marsden, high school dropout, member of the Calicos gang and estranged from her widowed mother, the rain's become a deluge until she receives a golden anklet. With the anklet, which transforms her into Indigo Star, a superheroine, she also receives a mission: to stop an interstellar criminal, Chamile, from plundering Earth. In the adventures to follow, Sharra runs across unexpected allies and unpredictable enemies while trying to find her place in the world around her, with the climax a final battle to determine Earth's fate and hers."


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(EPPIE Winner: Best Fantasy Novel in 2001!
by Megan Sybil Baker
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Sime-Gen Winner & Pearl Finalist.
Five Star Sime-Gen Review "...a fabulous story... captivated me from the very first word!"
(Goldie Thomas, Reviewer)

Megan Sybil Baker also writes under the name Linnea Sinclair


a novel by Cenizas de Rosas

A love story, sensitive and moving; bittersweet and yet fulfilling. Ms. de Rosas' description of the Ukrainian and Carpathian scenery is visually stimulating, her imagery stunning and evocative. The plot, not easily predictable, and the cultural details, the folklore, the settings, believable. The story is well-paced and fully thought out and well developed. Entrancing and riveting. Never a dull moment throughout the story. A fairytale for grown-ups; the stuff legends are made of.

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Cenizas de Rosas (aka Lezlie Kinyon)



by Albert J. Manachino

Argo Press

Argo Press announces publication of The Box Hunters, a new fantasy novel by Albert J. Manachino. The Box Hunters is the story of the Ems, a not-so-typical family on summer vacation in a place where not a single thing is normal. It was a chance to "go somewhere for a change." So the Ems found Margrave: $75 a month, 150 rooms all to themselves, no other tenants. But there were neighbors. The wizards, Brown and Chain. Captain Fearless, part-time superhero. And don't even ask about Boes and Ransome. Who were all these people? Box hunters ...


The Box Hunters is a rare combination of wacky whimsicality and ominous foreboding, a roller-coaster ride through a fun house that changes into a haunted house, then back again. Albert J. Manachino, a veteran short-story writer for fantasy magazines, has previously published three collections. The Box Hunters is his first novel. The book features a full-color wraparound cover and three dozen black-and-white text illustrations by prolific Canadian artist Larry Dickison.


Albert J. Manachino has received wide critical acclaim. "Manachino is an original, his work a voice that comes straight from the heart with no compromise," says best-selling fantasy author Charles de Lint. "His stories are absurd and logical, hilarious and serious, all at once, a melting pot of strange and whimsical ideas, astute observations of contemporary life and sharp insights into the human psyche."


"Albert J. Manachino's stories are quite wonderful and unapologetically strange," according to William Browning Spencer, author of the critically acclaimed novel Zod Wallop. "You might call these stories surreal pulp fiction (a collaboration, perhaps, between William Hope Hodgson and Franz Kafka). Wildly inventive, they waste no time, cutting right to the chase. In a single volume their cumulative oddness produces its own unsettling logic. Lovers of the macabre and fantastic should be utterly delighted."


The late Frank Belknap Long, legendary science fantasy writer and compeer of H. P. Lovecraft, had this to say: "Albert J. Manachino has a perceptive awareness of the precise point in a story when an abyss of ultimate horror should be allowed to widen."


And Ray Bradbury said of Manachino's collection Noctet, "Grand fun all round."


Albert J. Manachinohas published hundreds of short stories and novellas in magazines and anthologies and has received awards for Best Fiction Writer and Best Comic Writer (for his cartoon series with Kevin Duncan).

trade paper, 6x9, 264 pp

color cover & 36 B&W text illustrations by Larry Dickison

$16.95 plus $3.00 S&H U.S.

Argo Press

P.O. Box 4201, Austin,

Texas 78765-4201, USA

Michael Ambrose, Publisher (512)263-5027


Review, courtesy of John M. Peters,



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