Random Thoughts
Deanne F. Purcell
(Journal - February 2010)

February is halfway through.
February has passed away so soon and
there is so much to do,
where do I begin?
Unlike two years ago, we don't
have the extra day, as this isn't leap year.
In two years it will be. Hopefully, we
will have grown in compassion toward
each other, and not away.


It snowed in the hills, and remained there.
Although I don't have to walk on it, or
stand on it. I still feel its presence.
I long for spring.

I thought that we had enough
But the snow won't quit. It keeps hanging
in there, like it or not.
But, this is winter. We can't change that.


Changes come and go
You learn to love changes
Beginning to think of everything
as a challenge.


Music filled the air and the rooms
The people were singing and dancing
We needed this to bolster our morale
Soon the week comes to an end, and
the weekend is upon us. We are happy for
the good things, that came our way;
even the bad things, as they helped us
to grow and mature.
We want to grow as people, some of
us don't know how, and it became tedious,
But, we will not wallow in self-pity.
There is too much to look forward to.
Growing up from childhood to adulthood
We have won all of our challenges as
We are being shown different paths and
ways everyday.


Blue is my favorite color
while green was my favorite when I was
growing up. I was partial to green,
as for the most part of Irish descent. My father
was first generation Irish descent.
Mom always taught me to be proud of that fact.
I look better in pastels;
I have pale skin, and many colors
highlight my features.


I hear the winds howl
The snow is blowing around,
about 16 inches on the ground.
Most of it covers the ground
As well as the trees.
I haven't been out
nor do I want to
For it is bitter cold.


I am so glad to be home
and out of the cold
wearing blue,
But, I am not.
My home is beautiful
and spacious.
It is in the lower Hudson Valley
and standing upon a hill.

February 12th
In 1940 you died upon this day
an hour after returning
to your home in Hollis, Queens, New York.
You and Uncle Will took the train
to and from Baltimore, Maryland
Where you watched your favorite
Hockey team, the New York Rangers.
You enjoyed the Rangers
Upon your last day of life.
I am glad that you both did.


Destiny, walk with me, I do
not fear being alone, or when
darkness falls, or dark clouds,

For hopefully dark clouds, and
dark shadows will not follow me,
So I can awaken to the sun, and

So, I won't be forever called
The Angel of Darkness.

At present my destiny is the
white snow I see falling on the ground
Appearing windswept before
my very eyes, also on the branches
that adorn us every winter.

Sure it is nice to see, but
coming so often, it delays traffic
and sometimes you find out about
closings after ten at night,
they say stay off the roads; it isn't

I a so glad to be retired, and
not have to worry about venturing


The snow has fallen
It covers the trees, grass, and sidewalks
with a wintry white.
Some are happy about the snow, while
others like me, dread it, and the bitter
cold. All of my life, I had to walk through it,
take a bus, or a cab, or a car.

Fortunately now, I have more choices,
I am retired, and can't be punished if
I don't go out. Because, I don't have to
worry about the consequences.
If I choose to stay in, and behold
the beauty, or lack of it, from my windows.

The snow can either stay on the ground,
or melt from rain or warmer weather
being from the colder part of Long Island
or Rockland.


The Cold of Winter
It seems to take long to complete.
The holidays of winter
Can let us feel down.
Being home is much better,
I can talk to different people
and come in contact with those
I have already met
As we share our lives together
in the same domain.


Horst, I still can see your tears rolling
down your face.
I still can hear you crying out, "I don't
want to die."
And I replied, "I don't want you to, either."

But God had other plans; you were in
so much pain, and my wanting you to live,
and stay with you forever …

We count our blessings. A love that you
shared with me was more than contained
As two people in love.
We met in August 1977.
We said goodbye on April 17, 2005

Love knows no bounds, and grows as
a beautiful flower blooming in a large garden.

Horst and Deanne, Forever


Color of love,
your blue eyes looking
into my brown ones.
In Youth your hair once brown, by now turning
grey. Wrinkles …
Soon you will be aging. Not the smile.
You have a world of knowledge in your mind
which you are always willing to share
with anyone who will listen.
I am willing to listen and learn

I see your love, feel it surrounding me
night and day.
I think that your destiny is forever, you and me .

I think you and I were meant to meet
As improbable as it might be
But I shall cherish you, always.


You sleep forever with God,
He called you home to be with Him
and help Him.

I am very grateful for
that time that He let you share
with me.

Whether with our friends, or on our own,
we made the world a better place
to live.


Summer is on the way
It seems to be taking a long time
but, when we feel warmth
invading our domain, it will
be worth the wait.
We shall pull out colorful
summer clothes, and sparkling
colors will be bright, and
wonderful to the touch.

Soft colors of spring and
fall await us on hangers
in the closet. Some may be
old or not so new, while others
will be brand new.
Perhaps to add in the closet
now, I'll wonder what to wear,
And what will be a great
pair or match. Some may not be
as I try to put them together
In haste, as I haven't been
out for a while.

above poems
Copyright by Deanne F. Purcell

Art by Anne's Place

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