Old Laughter Renewed

Our eyes adjust
As our feet retrace
The Tip Tap Tip Tap
Of the Seventies beat
Within us our blood stirs
Nudging laughter
Her voice fills my ear
As we dance with sweet memory
It is an old note
That ignites a new beginning
For the layers of yesterday's laughter.

            — James Collins

Love is Binding

My family picnics
With zany laughter
We sit in a circle
And elaborate on things of Past
We are quick to Quote
While under California's sun
How we enjoy the gather
Each shares an enjoyable Gab
While Mother's eyes
Take on an appraising gleam
Of each piece of her establishment
At the end we hug and kiss
And say "I'll see you at the next gather.

            — James Collins

Copyright 2002
by James Collins

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