Light of Angels



Light of Angels


In our state of consciousness

Can angels walk among us

And not be moved with man's affairs

Everything taken upon beautification

Even trees, man improves upon the crown

Angels dance in the shadows

Checking on nature's elements

Each day goes measured

As feeble existence finds way

Even a count is called for flowers

God's Perfection and Mercy —

Constant beautification


                — James Collins







Time for reflection

No flowers to dream

Or commercials for interruption

No sun to scorch

Just a quietness for reflection

Moments when themes become scent

It's a time to ponder sunsets

Holding tender moments —

With you as an anchor

My hands on my face

I hold this gaze for you

A moment in a place —

Where I want to be


                — James Collins



Copyright 2005
by James Collins

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