From row to row
Trees dress to meet Spring's Ball
Held when God whispers his soft enchantments.
From little bitties they emerge
A doorway that has kept its secret
Tall and beautiful and with rings of time
Each splendid.
Birds home its branches
While reducing the tree's limitations,
Life gives way in the leafy arms
With wind a constant
And snow an unwanted blanket,
It just continues to sway silently.

            — James Collins

Dancing Words

With a typewriter
I make words dance,
Needs and Wants
Tip tap, tip taps "on Paper"
Places to see
And things to bloom
On I could go —
With fascination of each
So many variations to hit
Polishing with Periods and
Question Marks
Each arrangement gives children a view
Even to the littlest – Bug Precious.

            — James Collins

A Thinking God

Bees early to rise
Taking just what they need
Aphids among the throng
No wonder birds are welcomed to dip
Scratching much needed spaces
Guided by God's goodness
Each petal fashioned different than the next
Some swear a different fragrance comes
With each bobbing head —
God's thoughtfulness gives awe.

            — James Collins

Copyright by
James Collins

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