The Invitation

Within His invitation He said,
Look here I Am — My kindness endures.
Each of you I called to bare arms
Against Idolatry and Self-rot.
I Am the only covering for sin
That bled once and for all.
I Am the living scripture,
The grain that sustains my flock.
I Am the Shepard that reasons with Love.

          — James Collins

Faith To All

At the brink of light
I'd case a shoreline
In hope to see Jesus walking there,
But my chains are too short
Binding the dream.
I was tossed to and fro
And landing in society's unwanted garbage.
It is told in Christ — hope flickers,
The only star that can heal sorrow.
He's given faith to all —
Even if your chains seem short.

          — James Collins

Copyright by James Collins

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