Close But Not Far Away
        Close But Not Far Away

I am a forgotten gem
Tucked away in chains
I beacon you not to fear
Life is too short not to trust
Love must be unleashed without a meter
Can we seal up meaningless conversation
We are all needing a friend
And learning to be a friend first
means all conversation isn't so meaningless
Our pain never ceases
Just cloaks itself along the way
Leaving us little bumps and bruises
— James Collins
            Sorrow Has No Place

I'm going to Heaven's golden mountain
Where goats don't need to graze
A place telephones can't sound A-ding-a-Ling
Where preacher don't need to preach
No footprints into human past
A place where sorrow has no place
Where the only record is the Lamb's book of life
It is a place of song and dance
Harmony pleasing our Lord of Lords
And King of Kings

— James Collins

Copyright by
James Collins

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