Tickling God's Ears

It's a new day!

Lush green words
Spilling on this paper
Edibles to my sister and brother poets
Come Let's dance the old dances
Where syllables join like beads
creating mountains, where goats
Do great things And wild cats
Remain wild
Where little girls pick flowers
And bears eat berries

      Beautiful thoughts is where I hide
      Hoping my words tickle God's ears.

— James Collins
            A Whisper

I was a mischievous little beggar
Always one to laugh at honest work
Out and about, that was me
Free as a wild dog
Exploring my own human puzzles
Righteousness was not yet known to me
Nor did I know I'd be collared by Christ
No pearly gates did I see
Or river coming and going
Just a whisper of words —
Are you tired yet?
That was the day
My wild dog died.

— James Collins

Copyright by
James Collins

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