Such Beauty

What I did not say
Exists within nature
Its many closets house living gems
Strewn across Yosemite's velvety green
Little eyes glow within the night
Emerging from little houses
That they consider home.
With cunning paws and whiskered faces
A family of six is exposed by my flashlight beam
Their reflection shimmers on the water,
No postcard earmarks such beauty
— James Collins

Poems Copyright by
James Collins
A Red Rose

I'd like to keep a red rose
and smell it when I feel blue
But everything has its own journey
Perishing along the way

Some would consider God's humor cruel
He planned for that, too,
Restoring hope in a little thing called seed
with water and shine, the journey continues
In the night the moon does moon things
Sharing its nightish worth in color
On my journey I've drawn conclusions
That God has constantly loved me
I am assured when I smell the petals of a red rose.
— James Collins

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