Meditation on Redemption

When woe or a trauma inside,
Persists for too long unresolved,
Or cuts too deep to the core,
Emotional stress crystallizes in the will.
Feeling out of meaning manifests,
As long as meaning repeats,
Feeling is conditioned deeper still.
So repeating cycles of stress and strain,
Form a descending bottomless spiral,
Of tragedy, suffering, torment and despair,
Until you hate yourself for being the victim,
Too wretched to deserve God's love.

The only way to heal the wound,
Is to talk to Jesus through your prayers,
So that his divine compassion and wisdom,
Can elevate you to a new perspective,
From where a way out or escape route,
Now at last appears to be possible.
That positive wave of release you feel,
The lifting of the weight off your shoulders,
Is the dissolving of the emotional tension,
As God's love resets the synapse code,
To a more positive emotional fractal.
So emancipated we emerge our true selves,
Free of the pain of our natural sin.

— Alan Garfoot

above poetry
Copyright by
Alan Garfoot

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