Child and Cherub

Child and cherub, nose to nose
One in wings and one in Clothes.

Cherub says, “Child, come with me.
There is so much you must see.”

Hand in hand they skim the trees,
Kiss the flowers, pat the bees.

Sun and rainbows, blue, pink, gold.
Baby birds to gently hold.

Child and cherub look in stream,
See each face with eyes agleam.

Touch each nose and touch each chin
Child and cherub start to grin.

Child and cherub, fishies see.
"One for you and one for me."

Catch the fishies, bring them here,
We fall in water! Fishies cheer.

Water's cold, too shivery.
Sun is warm. Now, so are we.

Look, storm clouds peeking, start to blow.
Soon it will be time to go.

"Wouldn't it be fun to stay?
We'll meet again another day."

Cherub flew the child on
To meet its mother at the dawn.

"Remember, please, remember me.
I'm your guardian, you see"


— B J Blank

Copyright by B J Blank

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