Breezes Of Time

Sunlight streams through faded curtains
Oak floors warmed by the sun creak beneath my feet
Ice cubes melting slowly tinkle in the glass
Warm summer breeze blows through my house
Brings with it sweet smells of Mother Natures bounty
And memories of life well lived spring forth with each gentle wave.
This house once teaming with sounds of gleeful children
Stands mostly quiet now, save for Henry the mouse.
Even the dog has not moved from the spot on the deck
Of course, not the exact one, he/she's have been replaced,
One dies, we cry, we get a new one, time heals.
We have changed, you and I
Yet remained ever so constant
As the sunlight streams through the faded curtains
My blue eyes are a little less bright
The oak floors still warmed by the sun, and creak when I walk
And the pepper in your hair, has added more salt
The ice cubes still melt slowly tinkling in the glass
Your strong hands may be callused and bent
But they are still gentle and loving when you caress me.
Warm summer breezes still blows through my house
Bringing with it the winds of time
But your lips are still as sweet to me
As when we were newlyweds
This house may be quiet now
But the memories we have made
Burn bright into my soul
You re ignite the passion for life
When I look into your eyes
Age has no place between us
I see the young woman I once was
And her young beloved beside her.

— Melody DiGregorio

Copyright by
Melody DiGregorio


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