Finding Jesus

The Wonder of You
(Anniversary Dance

Courtesy of
Susan Marie Davniero

Finding Jesus

Itís the Christmas season
There is no rhyme or reason
Adventís fourth Sunday
It happened on that day

Church Bambinelli Blessing
Nativity manger of Baby Jesus
Bring to mass from your Nativity
Baby Jesus of divinity

Endless searching no avail
To find Baby Jesus failed
Upon awakening that day
The Holy Spirit led the way

Compelled to search again
A closet clutter within
Suddenly on the floor there
Baby Jesus in manager appeared

At church the people amassed
Before the altar at the Mass
The Priest blessed the Holy figurines
It felt so peaceful and serene

It was Advent's Fourth Sunday
It happened on that morn'
I found Jesus
My gift For Christmas Day

— Susan Marie Davniero

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The Wonder of You
Anniversary Dance

Suddenly the music turns on
Playing our wedding song
A moment in time adrift
Falling into rhythmic fit
Undying love is the melody
For my husband and me
Singing with the band
He says, "take my hand"
Music and heart beats blend
Weíre dancing to the end
The harmony tunes scores
Leaving the dance floor
Hand in hand together
The music plays on forever

— Susan Marie Davniero


Bob and Susan M. Davniero

above poems and photos
copyright by
Susan Marie Davniero

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