Lighting of a Candle

As the elderly lady performed, with heart and soul,
Her evening ritual of lighting a candle,
The reality of the present dimmed, just for this moment,
To memories of a time never to be forgotten.

This ritual, this lighting of the candle
A memorial of that one day in her past.
Setting the candle on the window sill, she paused,
Sighing deeply, she withdrew to special hours of yesteryear.

Slowly, she approached the candle, struck a match,
Then ever so carefully she lit it.
With this gesture, she softly prayed and opened her heart,
To once again, mourn the loss of her husband.

The flame drew her closer to the spirit of her husband,
Her warm smile brought forth scenes of their time together —
And how their love continued to grow from the days of courtship,
Through the marriage, the good times, the difficult ones.

The candle melted and the flame flickered to signal its end,
While the scenes faded to be revived on the morrow.
The spirit of her husband lingered near her, and for a second,
Just a second, she could feel his touch on her cheek.

The lady watched as the smoke curled and twisted upwards.
Savoring the touch on her cheek, she offered
Another prayer, ending with her feeling comfortable and secure
In her faith and all the gifts it has given to her.

— Sheldon F. Katz

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