Poetry by ayaz daryl nielsen

middle of the night
a thoughtful, radiant wife
what might you say now
years so quickly pass by
in this festival of us

            the sand hills

twilight finds my chest
white sand, wetlands, and
rolling green hills beckon
walking among memories
on grandfatherís homestead,
a catalogue of ranch-land,
hay, cattle, horses and
everyday interactions, of
memories that sing...
and, yes, I will come,
crossing my old and
worn boundaries
exhaling peace


living within awareness of footsteps
upon cement, asphalt and earth
aware of the oneness within
each and every step
as if all
are upon

Above Poetry
Copyright by ayaz daryl nielsen

A veteran, former hospice nurse, and ex-roughneck (as on oil rigs), ayaz daryl nielsen has been editor of the print publication bear creek haiku for 25+ years and over 135 issues. ayaz can be found online at bear creek haiku - poetry, poems and info. His poetry, published worldwide, includes senryu chosen in 2010 and 2012 as "best of year" by the Irish Haiku Association, and, with other deeply appreciated honors, is especially delighted by the depth and quality of poets from many nations whose poems have found homes in bear creek haikuís print and online presence.

bear creek haiku

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bear creek haiku is: four sheets legal-size blue paper cut in thirds lengthwise, stacked, then folded, two blue staples at fold = 48 pages of poetry and art.

Names, hometowns and state/country listed on first four pages

Send poetry by postal mail with enclosed SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). SASE used to mail contributor a copy of the issue his/her poem is in. . . if no poetry has been accepted, all are mailed back to poet in the SASE - if one or more poems are accepted, remaining poems are shredded (with dignity). For a sample copy, send an SASE.

30 fine poets (+/-) in each issue. Poems are presented just as received (appreciate how poet's physically present poetry, including font/handwriting/even some misspellings, and, artwork)

A number of bear creek haiku's longtime poets don't use email, but, encourage poets from countries other than the USA to submit by email. Stateside preference is postal submissions, but, if you must submit by email, um, ok.

7-8 issues a yearƒ if an accepted poem fits on a page, it can have almost any form (of course includes beloved haiku/senryu/tanka) - usually, 13 or so lines max.

bear creek haiku is 4 sheets of 8.5" x 14" blue paper, stacked, cut in third's the long way, again stacked, folded in the middle with two blue staples along the fold (4 sheets of blue paper = 48 pages).

Poet's names are not on pages (page numbers are), poets are listed on the first 4 pages with hometown and state or country.

Poetry for consideration is mailed with an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). SASE is used to mail poet's copy - if no poetry is accepted, all are mailed back to the poet in the SASE, if one or more poems are accepted, the remaining poems are shredded (with great dignity).

6-8 issues a yearƒ email submissions encouraged from poets of other counties (and, of course, from poets who don't use computers). Stateside (USA) preference is postal submissions.

An accepted poem can have almost any form, but must fit on the page - usually, an 11 to 13 line limit.

mailing address is:

Bear Creek Haiku
P.O. Box 596
Longmont co 80502

email is: darylayaz@me.com

blog site: bear creek haiku – poetry, poems and info

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