Poetry by Gregg Dotoli

      neon stardust

upon first sight
your glow and beauty
into my soul
and became
neon stardust
springing off my heart-wall
pings of joy and love

            everblue soul

A silhouette of teal despair
Witness to all we never were to be
and are
Witness to all we never were to do
and did

Eden's pure spring tears
cleanse the angel-soul face
to be stained anew by
man's circular devil deeds
a wounded muse

Everblue forever wanders
with pockets of inspiration
never depleted
casting notion and dreams among our lot
raining fine golden hope

poet write me a poem

words rise from paper in
the rich air of now
deepen me
like a blue sea
brush my brain
with your word train
crack my ego
till I gut-feel me
till I drive deep
dive deep
and fly

Above poetry
Copyright by Gregg Dotoli

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