Poetry by Kelly A. Sullivan

Adoption Arrival Poem

You’ve waited and waited
For this special day
Your baby has arrived
Your hearts are filled with joy
As you repeat the baby’s name.

You’ve gathered together
All those tiny baby clothes
And headed for the hospital
To see and carry home
The precious little baby
You so carefully chose.

— Kelly A. Sullivan

Read Before you Leave

Mamma always
Said read before you leave
Awe I told her
Hours of homework
Plus, a book
About numbers
Add to that a stack
Of extra books
Set in
I wanna go outside
Momma always
Said read before you
I have no life
Books about heroes
About girl makeup
And fun stuff
Sit on the shelf
But I’m stuck with
And poetry.
I wanna go outside
Read before you leave
Squawking in my ear
I got my diploma
Plus, reading awards
“The Most Books in Class”
From a teacher
I wanna go outside
My child says
This mamma says
Read before you leave.

— Kelly A. Sullivan

Above Poetry
Copyright by Kelly A. Sullivan

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