Poetry by Sheldon F. Katz

Child of My Dreams

Comes the Evening

Child of My Dreams

Dear child of my dreams
      I know you not,
      Yet I know you well.

You are the might-have-been of my life,
      The little girl I always longed for,
      To fill the emptiness in my heart.

A child to cherish and love,
      A child with an affectionate smile
      That reaches out to the world.

You are thankful for your existence,
      You share your love with everyone,
      For no one is a stranger to you.

You lust not for gold,
      You yearn to help others,
      You offer your hand graciously.

I shall love you dearly,
      Because you are so precious,
      Because, essentially, you are you.

You would be a gift from God,
      A bundle of joy from Heaven,
      For which I would be eternally grateful.

— Sheldon F. Katz

Comes the Evening

The sun sets on the rim of the mountain
      Forms a golden crust of a shadow,
The river reflects the fading light.

A wisp of air floats by,
      Fluffy clouds play tag in the sky,
Shadows reach their full length.

The moon edges serenely into the scene,
      The first twinkling of the stars,
The waves lap silently on the shore.

Birds come to rest in the trees,
      Silence from the leaves and branches,
Flowers shut down for the night.

The last call from the crickets,
      That moment of calm descends from above,
A prayer of relief for surviving another day.

— Sheldon F. Katz

Copyright by Sheldon F. Katz

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