Itís as if the Earth breathes a sigh of relief,
Finally able to shed itís winter skin
The great thaw
Like the first snow of winter
is evident all around

The songs of birds fill the air
Buds penetrate the surface
In preparation to bloom

The smell of rain and dirt
Replaces the frigid air of winter
The bleak, cold, cloudy days
Are in the past

Spring is here
Nature can begin again
It is given a second chance
The biggest comeback

For now
Until next year
The cycle repeats
Except itís different

The trees are a little taller
The birds are a little louder
The kids are a little bigger
They grow until they are kids no longer

But the cycle will continue
In the respiration of our planet
Spring is a breath of fresh air

— Lizzy Krock

Copyright by Elizabeth Krock

Backgrounds by Marie

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