Poetry by Marc Livanos

A Father's Love
His Image
The Beggar
I Had Forgotten How to Love You
Into the Abyss

A Fatherís Love

A motherís love
is never appreciated,
as it does not grow stronger.
She always loves you.

A fatherís love
is always exaggerated,
as it comes from restraint
and provides the strength to stand alone.

He endures the pain,
works to pay the bills,
and provides a foundation
built on reflection.

His love comes from insight
that steeps within you
slowly showing you normalcy
in the customary ways of the world.

And in the end,
his love chases away
the doubt and disbelief,
so you can stand on your own.

— Marc Livanos

His Image

Forgive my transgressions,
for my sins are against You.

In realizing my sins,
I sense Your pain.

Teach me kindness
to cleanse my heart.

In learning compassion,
I find inner peace.

Fill me with truth
to become genuine.
In being unpretentious,
I walk with You.

— Marc Livanos

The Beggar

Looking out over the bay,
I ponder the beggar
from earlier in the day.

Waves lap,
Abide, abide, abide.
Abide donít demur.

Do the humane thing.
By giving the handout
you see each other.

Ask his story.
For whatís life
but how we touch others.

— Marc Livanos

I Had Forgotten How to Love You

Opening Pandoraís box
stirred dead emotions.
Vices were confronted,
anger was released.

Facing my sonís caring ways
reflected just how far I strayed.
My unfettered heart
revealed the truth.

I had forgotten how
to be excited by your love.
It stung and
I wanted it back.

So, I listened with
no ready comebacks.
Extra touches of love
were freely given.

Cleansing breaths
provided perspective.
Considerate support
became a simple joy.

Challenges along the way
were addressed with a smile.
Your warmth, not solitude,
became a constant longing.

The smile on your face a daily fix.
During my journey, I again attracted you.
I knew, cause when we went out,
you made me feel all was right.

Finally, sunlightís happiness
shined on our love.
This told me our love would always last.
Forever you, forever me.

— Marc Livanos

Into the Abyss

Many times reliance is tested
and those present
fail to see His presence
in the unfolding tragedy.

A tragedy all too wasteful
mirroring that of the Gospel
where Jesus is defeated and
the defeat becomes a beginning.

Proceeding through the calamity
with His teachings, not as a victim,
but rich in impending new evidence
of the care of the Lord.

Finding your essential part
in the unfolding drama
without the temptation
to see an unsolvable problem.

Plunging into christening-like waters
to accept His unorthodox solution,
confident in your proceeding
despite all rationale to the contrary.

Evoking Godís direction to St. Paul
Rely on Me
for there is no abyss so deep
that He is not deeper.

— Marc Livanos

Above Poetry
Copyright by Marc Livanos

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