Poetry by

Sandra Bounds
Nancy McCleaft
Michael H. Browsntein

The Lamb of God:
a Meditation

Holy Lamb
without spot or blemish
perfect in all His ways

Gentle Lamb
knocks at heartsí doors
receives repentant sinners

Sacrificial Lamb
Messiah, Anointed One
crucified before worlds were made

Worthy Lamb, the great I Am
full of mercy and grace
worthy of praise and worship

— Sandra Bounds
Flowers Are A Blessing

Thy garden is pure; the roses cherry red.
All the violets are reaching
For the Lordís light up ahead!
And behold! The lilies are rising
Out of their beds!

Thy touch of a petal; soft as newborn skin.
What better way for life to begin.
To see the beauty, and smell the freshness,
Itís a blessing from God
For everlasting happiness.

— Nancy McCleaft

Did You Ever Wonder
Why Leaves Light Up
In The Wind?

Angels are responsible for the movement of the leaves.
They bend their wings across sunlight
And spring grows into summer, green and bright.
Near the lake an old man sits on an old bench.
He feeds the squirrels, bends to welcome the house wrens,
Lifts his face to the heaven beat of wind,

The fragrant skin of sun, the full blown glitter of leaf.

— Michael H. Browsntein
            An Embrace of Trees

How powerful to swim into your arms.
How steadfast and stubborn. The curl of your palm.
One finger finding another. A gathering
Of love like the glorious crown of a tree
Reaching beyond a fence of silver brush
And goldenrod to lay a hand of leaf
Upon a friendly arm and find whatever wonder
Lives in the wind, the brightest day, a cool evening.
The squirrels at play. The murmur of doves.

A warmth turning everything valuable into God.

— Michael H. Browsntein

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