At the River

I tinker with understanding

As sunshine kisses my face

Rain thrashes

Bringing new life

Humming birds dip

Funnel like smiles

A vivid picture

Where conviction does not burn


In the belly of the watery snake

A hoop of fish assembles

Like glass they scatter

Just a sense of awareness

Says I can be happy with that.


-- James W. Collins










Break through the walls of color

Pride your shade

Pink and Black

Yellow and Brown

Together we are strong.


Sit at the table of Plenty

Enjoy the various fruits

Of today’s Precious Bowl

It is the day

When color comes tumbling down.


-- James W. Collins



Early I rise

To observe Monarchs before my eyes

There is no time for coffee

The beauty is all I need

Above the Piney trees

They ride the gentle breeze

Their color coated wings

Would make anyone’s heart sing

Like little people

They emerge out of their temples

As Spring delivers –

After a white shiver.


-- James W. Collins










I think I could write

If deer would enter my circle


I think I could write

If the prefix “psycho” would rest


I think I could write

If I could hear a kitten purr


I think I could write

If exploitations would die


I think I could write

If given a chance …

With that thought, I can.


-- James W. Collins



Each one teach one

Do it together

Prayer is Freedom, Power
      and Love


Each one teach one

The world is not black or white

The battles are yours and mine


Each one teach one

I pull, you push

Each with similar goals

The mountain of humanity


-- James W. Collins

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