Following My Destiny

Following my destiny
to where it leads me
down in the valleys,
or up in the hills,
the winding roads
attract me.

As I walk among the trees
and flowers,
and the beautiful people
who travel Mountainview Avenue,
on foot, by car, or
with the aid of a wheelchair
or walker;
some in pain,
some with a smile upon their face;
we are complimented,
and complemented,
our days brighter,
as we wait
for the sun to set
and a new tomorrow to arrive.

          — Deanne F. Purcell

I Understand Him

I understand him.
He comes to my door,
and knocks
wanting to visit
saying, I am so lonely,
and we understand each other.

The next day
I see that wonderful smile
and sparkling eyes,
watching from across the room.

No, I canít save him;
but maybe I can fill
part of that void
where the pain
will not subside,
where the emptiness reigns.

Yes, we are forgotten,
not by God,
but the humans
who walk the earth.
Dreams shattered,
hearts broken,
still we must fight,
not run away.

          — Deanne F. Purcell

Copyright 2003
by Deanne F. Purcell

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