Roses Three

Dare I call my husband
my Harlequin Hero?
He is not a giant among men.
He has been known to fumble and fall
and score a zero.

Yesterday he was impossible
to live with;
Stubbornly insisted he was right
when he knew he was wrong;
Near drove me into a fit.

But last night, taking me into
into his arms
he whispered
"Honey, I'm sorry, forgive me,
I was wrong."
Then kissed our children,
hugged them,
and tucked them in bed.

Dare I call my husband
my Harlequin Hero?
Yes. There beneath the pellicle
of human faults
I see him clearly, my Harlequin

-- Paula Freda

Senseless thing this emotion called love.
Look how it blinds you!
I have wrinkles on my cheeks and my brow;
Yet to you I am as lovely as when
we first said hello.
See how it has me convinced
That the white in your hair
makes you appear distinguished
and debonair.
It will not let the years lessen my
need for you.
Nor yours for me.
It makes a farce of reality.
See how it turns heroes into fools,
and fools into heroes.

-- Paula Freda

Who will change oil lamps for new?
Not I. Mine lights my days
as well as nights.
Who cares if the glass is chipped with use,
And the metal tarnished with age.
It brightens and warms my corner.
I am comfortable with it.

Who will change an old love for new?
Not I. Mine fills my days
as well as nights.
Who cares if his youth has flown
And his strength and beauty ebbed.
He brightens and warms my spirit.
I am comfortable with him.

-- Paula Freda

the above 3 poems
Copyright 1982
by Paula Freda

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