My Friend Joan


I have a special friend

I hope our friendship never ends.

She was sent from God above

To show me how to love.

My friend has much on her mind

Yet takes the time to be kind

I hope I will someday find

I, too, can be thoughtful and kind.

Never had anyone to care so much

Sure am going to keep in touch

With this very special friend.


Others also God sent

Vessels that he lent

To help me down the road

And lift some of my load.

I wondered how they did

so much.

Though itís hard now

for them to keep

in touch

They remain in my thoughts

through the day

I thank God for His gifts as I pray,

And the strength He gave.

Sure am glad I was saved.


-- Theresa C. Maloney



A Man Named Jesus


There was a man named Jesus

Who cared too much.

Because He cared so much

People laughed and grew afraid.

That didnít stop Him.

He loved his enemies most.

He said I am not of this world,

I am Godís son.

He tried to tell them how to make

The world a better place;

He was a teacher, a very good one.

He told them to love one another,

Even if he isnít your brother.

Love is what brings us together.

Stop running and listen.

When we are quiet,

We can hear God speak,

We can do his will.

The people laughed harder

And grew more afraid.

Jesus knew they would hurt him

For caring too much

Yet he obeyed his Father,

ďForgive them, for they know not

what they do.Ē


-- Theresa C. Maloney






Your Name


You got it from your father

It was all he had to give

So itís yours to use and cherish

For as long as you may live

If you lose a watch

It can be replaced

But a black mark on your name,

Is hard to erase

It was clean the day you took it

And a worthy name to bear,

When he got it from his father

There was no dishonor there

So make sure you guard it wisely,

For after all is said and done

Youíll be glad the name is spotless

When you give it to your son.


-- Vincent E. Maloney



Copyright by
Theresa C. Maloney
Vincent E. Maloney

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Our King was born many years ago

In the winter when it was cold.

And no place to be warm,

But his parents kept him from harm.


Three wise men came from afar

They followed a bright shining star

He was Godís only begotten son,

And there was suffering to be done.


He died on the Cross at Calvary

Wanting our souls of sin to be free.

When many reject Him

and do not believe,

How our Savior does grieve.


Be glad He is our King

In charge of everything

He earned our way to Heaven,

you see

And is waiting there,

for you and me.


He came to bring peace among men

He is the Beginning and the End

His name is Jesus; He is our friend.


-- Theresa C. Maloney