by Lillian Manachino

Some people believe in Leprechauns, others don't. This story will prove to you that at every end of every rainbow there is a door with a pot of gold.

It was a bright beautiful St. Patrick's Day in the town of Golden Pots. Everyone was out celebrating, all except one. His name was Andrew. He believed in Leprechauns. Everyone in town believed he was crazy, so he decided to prove they were wrong.

He spotted a rainbow and started to walk toward its end. A friend called him over. He told him about where he was going and his friend decided to come along.

When they reached the end of the rainbow, they saw a door, but no gold. They opened the door, stepped through and fell at least fifty feet before they hit the floor.

When they stood up, and looked about, they found themselves in a little town, all gold.

They walked about for an hour until a little person came out of his house and asked them where they were heading. Andrew told him, "I intend proving to all my town mates that there are Leprechauns."

The little person, who was indeed a Leprechaun, asked if he could help by playing tricks on the disbelievers. Andrew and his friend both agreed.

Before the Leprechaun left them to continue their walk, he warned them not to venture into the neighboring "Pink Town" over the hills. He did not tell them why.

Their curiosity peaked, Andrew and his friend decided to do exactly the opposite of what they'd been warned.

Meanwhile, back in Andrew's hometown, the leprechaun was keeping his deal with Andrew and along with his little friends, doing their usual mischief on St. Patty's Day -- misplacing keys, revealing their identities, pulling hair, and driving the townsfolk crazy.

In the Leprechaun land, Andrew and his friend made it over the hills and reached the gates to the "Pink Town." A sign hung on the iron gates. It read, "Go Back or Be Doomed."

Andrew and his friend chuckled. They didn't believe the sign; just another Leprechaun's trick, so they pulled open the gates and passed through.

Soon they came to a gold and purple hill. All at once, evil looking, small, gross, slobbering creatures attacked them for all sides. The boys yelled and kicked with all their might.

Out of nowhere a voice boomed, "You didn't listen, now you will pay." By now Andrew and his friend suspected the horrid creatures were the Leprechaun's ancestors, the evil ones.

Now anyone who knows something about Leprechauns will tell you that they accept bribes. But the boys didn't know this.

Just when they thought they were about to meet their doom, the voice boomed again. "Tell them you'll give them your backpacks and the candy inside wrapped in gold."

This time the boys listened and tearing off their backpacks with candy inside wrapped in yellow foil, they threw them at the evil ones.

When the gross creatures fell upon the backpacks, the boys made a run for it, running faster than they ever had.

As they ran, afraid the evil ones might follow, they kept turning their heads to check, and ran right into a wall. Instead of bones cracking, the wall cracked and opened, and the boys fell through another fifty feet. Suddenly they were back in their hometown. People ran about in confusion; the whole town was topsy-turvy. Everyone had learned a lesson and now believed in Leprechauns.

So if you think Leprechauns don't exist? Think again, cause, ah… look behind you, there's one on your back!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha…

Copyright 2001
by Lillian Manachino

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