by Lillian Manachino

(Sometimes in life people have to move for different reasons. Little Mike and Anne hear their parents talking about moving, and they think their world will end.)

It was a sunny, beautiful Saturday morning. The birds were chirping, the wind a slight breeze, and everyone in their home was up except Mike and Anne.

A weird noise woke Mike up. It was coming from the living room. He went downstairs to sneak a peek, and saw lots of gigantic boxes, with tape on them, and packing paper. He thought perhaps his Uncle Fred was moving in, so he went into the kitchen and asked his parents. They told him that his uncle was not moving in; they were moving out.

Mike liked the sound of that -- new house, bigger yard in which to play, a pool, maybe even a playground. He ran upstairs and woke his sister and told her the news.

Anne didn't move; she was upset. When he asked why, she didn't answer him. Mike called his parents upstairs to talk to Anne about moving.

Anne told them she didn't want to move because she had been in this house for 3 years (all of her life), and she liked this house.

Her parents explained to her that she would have a bigger room, and a playroom for her dolls, and a kitchen set.

When she heard this, Anne smiled a big grin. She never had enough room in her present house to set up her dollhouse and kitchen. She felt a little better, but was still somewhat upset.

Her parents told her that they would all be moving next week. They all went downstairs to eat breakfast, then back to Anne and Mike's rooms to pack up their belongings.

The next day Mike was up early helping his dad move stuff that Mike didn't need and wanted to sell, to the driveway. It took about two hours for Mike to decide what he didn't want. By that time Anne was up and helping her mom cook lunch.

Now it was Anne's turn to go through her room and decide what she didn't want. She took three big boxes and piled them with discarded toys. As her mother helped her, she noticed that Anne was taking stuff from the attic instead of her room. Her mom laughed and told her to take items only from her room and put them in the boxes for her Dad to bring outside.


The sale was a success! They sold everything on the driveway. Now the only thing left to do, was pack up their belongings in the rest of the house.

At nine o'clock that same night, the movers pulled up in the moving van. Mom and Dad began transferring all the family's packed belongings into the huge van. They would all leave the house in two days. Everyone couldn't wait.

The day came and everyone said their good-byes to the house and the neighbors.

Anne wondered how long it would take to arrive at their new home. Their Dad explained that it would not be a long drive as they were moving only eight blocks away from their old house.

Within fifteen minutes they arrived and Anne and Mike ran into the house smiling as they chose their rooms. Anne got the biggest room.

That night they finished unpacking for the kitchen and the living room. The next day they spent fixing up Anne and Mike's rooms, and at night, the bathrooms, their parents' room, and the dining room.

The days passed quickly, and the house looked beautiful inside and out.

One afternoon, the doorbell rang. Mike answered. It was a boy about his age, asking if he would be his friend and play with him. Mike asked his Mom and she said yes, so they played all week. Soon a four year-old girl appeared at their door looking for Anne. The children all became close friends. Anne and Mike were so happy that they lived only a few blocks away from their old house. They made new friends and understood that moving was not a big deal, and they enjoyed it, until… they had to move again!!

copyright 2001
by Lillian Manachino

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