Life and Time
(Words of Wisdom on the Subject of Love)

by Deanne F. Purcell

Life and time go round and round in cycles. During the merry-go-round of childhood days, we either want to keep revolving, or get off as soon as possible at the next turn. As we grow, we hear it said that love can conquer all, and for the most part I believed this was true; whatever the outcome, it was worth the try. Perhaps the time was not right, or the chemistry was wrong. Hopefully, the time will come and it will be perfect - the pieces of the puzzle will all fit into place.

You either wanted too much or expected too little. Not giving love a proper chance, and fearing the challenge and commitment, you felt so lost and alone. Love is to be shared and not tossed aside because of lack of belief in yourself or your partner. With love, Valentine's Day is not only a time of giving and receiving, but of sharing.

Copyright by
Deanne F. Purcell

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